Nowadays smartphone apps playing vital role for travelers that helps before you leave and while you on the road. There are different smartphone devices equipped with various applications that can be used on tours and trips. You can extremely enhance gadget’s use by installing various travel apps for taxi booking, hotel booking and flight booking.

Navigation & Maps
Typically, smart phone comes with GPS facility which is added advantage for smartphone users. Whenever you go to the new location, your phone will assist you to navigate over GPS navigation system. Google maps do not cost anything and it will be the best proposal for travelers.
Ease of Access

No matter where you are traveling and whether you are using public transport or driving own vehicle, certainly you would find mobile app that are really worth of having. You could find apps for booking taxis, hotels, flight and millage tracking. Having all these information on you smartphone is really amazing and you will avoid lot of stress during traveling.
Save Time & Money

The availability of mobile application can merely reduce the cost of traveling as well as time. The user can receive promotional notifications and the best offers on flights, hotels, taxis. You can hardly save the time from visiting travel agencies and plan your trips over few taps on your smart phone.
Connected everywhere

In previous days, when you are being away from home, you can contact anyone over phone calls or text message. But smartphone apps equipped with instant messaging apps that helps you to send videos, images, files with single tapping.
It is quite important to bear in mind that most smartphone apps require internet connection or hotspot. When you travel abroad, better to have local network for internet access because data roaming charges are incredibly high.