Nowadays, app based taxi booking services are increasing rapidly on roads which allows people to hail the taxi in an alternate way. Uber is a giant taxi aggregator grew up in many countries, which allows people to hail the local cabs over tapping mobile application.

According to the recent report of TechSci, app based taxi service’s growth is estimated to be 25% in next four years. This is why uber is facing stiff competition among well funded rival companies and litigious drivers.
As everyone knows, the Google venture capital has invested $258 million in over in 2013 august, Which is one of the biggest deal ever. David Drummond is a chief corporate development officer at Google who has joined in the over board in 2013. Now there is a gesture shows two allies companies are more likely brutal than knit. Google is now preparing to launch app like upper with coexistence with it’s long term development of driver-less cars. Uber board of executives has seen the project plan of Google’s driver-less car project and wondering to ask Drummond to resign his designation from uber board.
Google has already announced its autonomous transport project which is being developed in Google X lab. Urmson is a chief officer in charge of this project who explained possible scenarios about implementing autonomous vehicle for neighborhood pick up and drop. This would become helpful and essential in people’s lives where Google is going to ideal things in real time. Google’s this decision may leave alias between two companies and also this would commute cars without steering wheals. Either uber wants to create a own solution nor sign up a partnership with mapping applications such as map quast, apple maps. This new deal would breech uber to stay on taxi aggrgation network.