Indhumathi D

08 Feb 2018

For innumerable business owners, taxi dispatch software has been the answer to quicker, efficient operations. During this era of app-based taxi booking, such advanced dispatching system has equipped businesses with the ability to execute ‘n’ number of rides smoothly. With such faultless operations, taxi dispatch software offers taxi operators a better chance at enhancing productivity, reducing costs and establishing improved customer satisfaction.

Arun Kumar

29 Dec 2017

Being one of the top ten emerging markets of the future, Nigeria is a country brimming with opportunities. Its rapidly increasing economy has made it an epicentre for countless lucrative prospects for individuals. With a population of 186 million and counting, the obvious dilemma is about commuting from one place to another. Owing to such demand, the transportation industry in Nigeria has grown leaps and bounds and still continues to garner huge attention.

Arun Kumar

17 Aug 2017

Unpleasant taxi rides have vanished with the arrival of taxi-hailing application. Unlike traditional taxis, app based taxi companies have hit the market with a disruptive technology to deliver an upmarket taxi service. The e-hailing concept has been hailed in many countries where it has even been legalized for more effectiveness.

Arun Kumar

03 May 2017

When people started preferring booking flexibility and cashless payments, mobile applications took a front seat in transportation. A taxi dispatch system is relied on by all taxi owners for its cost-effectiveness, fully automated operations, enhanced productivity, brand awareness and customer satisfaction. There is an awesome range of advantages to adopting a taxi dispatch software for your business.

Arun Kumar

15 Feb 2017

As the taxi booking system has been improved drastically in today’s taxi industry, the people are quitting the classic taxi service and moving to taxi-hailing apps in order to book a taxi. The taxi booking software is designed to find a nearby taxi and book it for a ride; also the customers can keep track of taxi details and do online/cash payments. The taxi booking service has reached a very large number of people in urban areas all over the world.

Arun Kumar

06 Jan 2017

Uber is grown to be one of the most desired taxi service providers using a smartphone app in recent times. The reason for the boost of the business is that they offer prompt service with superior comfort. Taxi drivers can use their own cars to offer taxi services and give a 20% share to Uber.

Arun Kumar

08 Dec 2016

Uber – a taxi app has recently shared an update on collecting information about the customer’s location even after the drop-offs and even when the customer is not using the app.
The Uber app in the updated version features to track the passenger’s location even after they left the vehicle after their journey. It is reported that the Uber app collects the traveler’s location data right from the trip request to five mins from the drop-off.

Arun Kumar

30 Nov 2016

Nowadays with the intrusion of mobile apps, things are made easy for any sorts of necessities like shopping, booking tickets, learning and so on. Like various mobile apps have helped in satisfying our needs by simply tapping on its features, the taxi booking app has likewise become prominent in booking taxis for a smooth and safe ride.

Arun Kumar

27 Oct 2016

Though transportation business is expensive to start up, you can establish with few vehicles and increase gradually as become a lucrative company. There are a lot of things you must consider before starting up the public transportation service. Now mobile technology is a preferable way every customer wants to book the cab or limousine. The customer can able to book the best managed as well as available fleets near by them without few taps using mobile application.

Arun Kumar

13 Sep 2016

There are numerous strategies that help you improve your taxi business. However, mobile technology is the latest advancement that rules every industry in the contemporary world. This is the time for your taxi business to evaluate how technology-driven cab operation can generate more money from small investments as well as how this would save increased time in managing dispatch operations.