Indhumathi D

24 Jan 2018

Paratransit is an essential service and requires greater concern to make it affordable and comfortable. However, it is a complicated and costly system to provide transit service to the differently abled persons that led to the advent of paratransit dispatch software. Comparatively, provision of paratransit trips is costlier than the fixed-route trips. Optimizing the available solutions to make it feasible for users to get transportation at the right time is now a bigger concern.

Arun Kumar

11 May 2017

If you are wondering how to start a taxi business, the first key essential is to promote your business in the local market. Taxis are the most viable transportation mode across the world; the business would compete with giants like Uber & lyft. If your business is expected to be successful and to stay competitive, you need to learn how to market your service to potential customers. Here are five working marketing strategies to stay away from rival companies.

Arun Kumar

03 May 2017

When people started preferring booking flexibility and cashless payments, mobile applications took a front seat in transportation. A taxi dispatch system is relied on by all taxi owners for its cost-effectiveness, fully automated operations, enhanced productivity, brand awareness and customer satisfaction. There is an awesome range of advantages to adopting a taxi dispatch software for your business.

Arun Kumar

20 Apr 2017

TaxiMobility introduces the launch of its new version of the application to meet the most stringent of the taxi hiring and dispatching requirements. The new version is an innovative extension to the existing facility and addresses a wide range of recent user requisites.
NDOT is recognised for its efforts in leading-edge mobile app development and believes that mobile technology has the power to connect people and businesses beyond boundaries.

Arun Kumar

14 Apr 2017

The transportation sector is an area in which time plays a very significant role. Assigning tasks and scheduling rides should be quick and effortless to reduce flaws and deliver high-quality services. Taxi dispatch can see new heights if managed by a superior scheduling software. Effective use of a scheduling software can help your business grow successfully in terms of improved efficiency and customer service.