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What is Radio Taxi and How does it work ?

What is radio taxi? Radio taxi is a taxi that operates through radio signals. When a customer calls up the helpline number of the radio taxi, the operator communicates with chauffeur (driver) via radio signals to locate the nearest taxi. … Continue reading

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Techniques to improve your Taxi Business in an aggressive market…

While the taxi apps are flourishing, have people come to an assumption if the taxi companies are just intermediaries? This would be detrimental to the taxi service when looking at an overall perspective and from an organizational viewpoint.

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How do you stay parallel with the biggies of taxi business?

In a highly controlled and dominating environment like taxi app business where companies like Uber, OlaCabs, GrabCar etc, are backed by huge funding and planned strategic management using mobiles.

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What Is The Difference Between Uber And Lyft ?

Both Uber and Lyft are becoming giant ride share companies since launched their services over many countries across the world. They are stumbling the taxi business by allowing people to hail taxis over smart phone application. Here is the discrepancy … Continue reading

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