Indhumathi D

17 Jan 2018

Disruption in the taxi business came with maximum force with the advent of taxi-hailing operators. Coming forward with its affordability and convenience, these app-based taxi businesses dominated the transportation ecosystem in the past few years. Do the local taxi firms have a fighting chance to sway the market towards their side? What is the next weapon from the taxi-hailing operators’ arsenal? Let’s find out with our predictions for the taxi industry in 2018.

Arun Kumar

27 Oct 2017

Cash flow is the lifeblood of business that makes the business run. As the trending technologies are revolutionizing the taxi industry, it requires free flow of cash for the smooth business processes that draws the hairline between survival and extinction of taxi business. Ride-hailing business has become a bigger deal where it requires a lot more efforts to stay on the track.

Arun Kumar

13 Jan 2017

As everyone knows taxi business is recently witnessing several advances in the industry, there are n number of ride-hailing apps that exist in the market today. The e-hailing apps like Uber have altered radically the entire taxi booking process into a much easier one when compared to the traditional booking system.

Arun Kumar

06 Jan 2017

Uber is grown to be one of the most desired taxi service providers using a smartphone app in recent times. The reason for the boost of the business is that they offer prompt service with superior comfort. Taxi drivers can use their own cars to offer taxi services and give a 20% share to Uber.

Arun Kumar

29 Dec 2016

Being a nascent industry in today’s business world, the transport sector saw an increase in the number of taxi-hailing applications, essentially solving the difficulties faced by customers in reaching promptly at their destinations. The taxi industry is flourishing with splendid potentials and is showing a major growth in today’s competitive world through initiating diverse advanced and innovative technologies.

Arun Kumar

13 Sep 2016

There are numerous strategies that help you improve your taxi business. However, mobile technology is the latest advancement that rules every industry in the contemporary world. This is the time for your taxi business to evaluate how technology-driven cab operation can generate more money from small investments as well as how this would save increased time in managing dispatch operations.

Arun Kumar

18 Dec 2014

Taxi service is evolving day to day with emerging technologies which brings taxi companies into the next level of public transportation. Early days few taxis were operated in major cities but the people’s mentality brings taxi companies in advanced technology. Mobile based taxi apps are quickly growing up which also creates great demand to operate more vehicles.