Indhumathi D

09 Mar 2018

Fantasy comes true
The groundwork for launching flying cars has been accelerated. Technology has already disrupted the taxi sector to the core, and more is happening across the industry. It is time for taxi to take the new incarnation as flying taxi. While the research is going on over the concept for years, many industry giants have announced that the flying taxis will be commercialized soon and will be on road (on air!) in a five-to-ten year duration.

Arun Kumar

15 Feb 2016

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In Montreal, taxi drivers have started protest against the on demand taxi services uber & lyft earlier this week. Taxi and limousine drivers in Toronto, Montreal & other cities were argued against to uber for depleting their business and also they wants uber should be regulated as like a traditional taxis for continue operating in Canada.

Arun Kumar

07 May 2015

Before the emergence of technology, what was our transporation like in our cities? How did we manage congestion in traffic. Even if we had light traffic, did we have vacant parking spaces, cars empty? With the advent of smartphones and apps it has changed a lot better. Life has changed to many especially after the internet pervasion and geo satellite locating capabilities.

Arun Kumar

28 Apr 2015

What does GPS tracking or Geographical Positioning System mean?
The GPS is a unit which tracks the exact location of a vehicle, person or any physical asset when it is attached to it. It is a satellite based tracking unit to track any object.

Arun Kumar

15 Apr 2015

Uber is introducing hailing auto rickshaw apps through its UberAuto service in India. To begin with, it will be a cash payments only service. Just like any other Uber apps, Uber Auto is a hailing service where the driver will confirm after selecting the options.

Arun Kumar

10 Apr 2015

The use of Mobile apps is nearly 86% among the users according to a survey. So, for an industry which needs constant communication between logistic staff and professional managers, it is the essential tool that any transportation company will require for their logistics and supply management.

Arun Kumar

24 Mar 2015

The giant taxi aggregator, Uber is introducing UberFresh, a food delivery service. It is available from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm for lunch and dinner timings are from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. This app is still in the experimental stage and the areas that is being launched on trial basis are Santa Monica, Westside, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

Arun Kumar

06 Feb 2015

A Taxi ride is becoming an essential, affordable and most convenient transport mode for people’s lives. However, with the every advantage there is detriment. Crime on taxi cab drivers and passengers are keep increasing which is making an extremely unpleasant traveling circumstance for passengers. Here are the safety buzz for both taxi drivers and passengers to stay safe while taxi ride.

Arun Kumar

02 Feb 2015

Nowadays smartphone apps playing vital role for travelers that helps before you leave and while you on the road. There are different smartphone devices equipped with various applications that can be used on tours and trips. You can extremely enhance gadget’s use by installing various travel apps for taxi booking, hotel booking and flight booking.