Arun Kumar

24 Feb 2015

If you consider to be at starting up a taxi business, then you have to think about several marketing and promotional techniques to run a successful taxi company. Before going with any marketing actions, make sure that your taxi business meets with all local government laws on obtaining taxi license.

Arun Kumar

21 Feb 2015

Whenever you go to a new city, Taxi is most reliable and affordable mode than public transportation vehicles. The people feel more comfortable to go anywhere from one place to another, due to this reason taxi start ups are increasing rapidly over many countries.

Arun Kumar

18 Feb 2015

These days app based taxi service intensifies taxi business in India which creates gigantic rivalry among cab aggregator giants Ola cabs, Meru cabs & Uber. The growing competition made one of the old taxi service Meru cabs to revamp it’s mobile app to compete with revel company. After the giant taxi aggregator uber’s entry, Taxi business are heats up in India.

Arun Kumar

16 Feb 2015

If you are wondering to start your job as a taxi driver, probably there are lots of tools and equipments that make your job more easier. In Taxi driving, you may be obviously ready to hit the road on first ride however, many accessories available that would help you to ride in a smooth way as possible. Here are three buzz for new taxi drivers.


13 Feb 2015

Taxi world turkey is the first taxi industry meet held at Istanbul fair center which was organized by Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Drivers and HKF Fair Organizations. We found that the taxi fair exhibition was quite positive and many projects were displayed by the exhibitors.

Arun Kumar

12 Feb 2015

‘Taxiworld Turkey Fair’ was held at Istanbul Fair Center, a fair organized by Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Drivers and HKF Fair Organizations, first of its kind in Turkey. There were many technology companies turned up at the fair with their products being displayed, our company NDot Technologies also made its presence among the many other project companies.

Arun Kumar

11 Feb 2015

In India, Taxi services have seen a lot of hurdles after the taxi driver’s sexual assault in New Delhi. This incident sparked many protests and regulatory issues again taxi cab industry which caused to pulling out mobile based taxi services on the roads.

Arun Kumar

09 Feb 2015

At the present moment, app based taxi booking system is rising very fast over many Asian countries. The new technology promising and convincing people to enjoy the hassle free taxi ride by having smartphone apps. Also, riding taxi cabs became an essential and bit luxurious part of people’s lives that allows real time location tracking.

Arun Kumar

04 Feb 2015

Nowadays, app based taxi booking services are increasing rapidly on roads which allows people to hail the taxi in an alternate way. Uber is a giant taxi aggregator grew up in many countries, which allows people to hail the local cabs over tapping mobile application.

Arun Kumar

31 Jan 2015

Starting up a taxi service requires huge investment, however taxicab business is a potentially profitable venture, business returns can add up many taxis. It is good business for entrepreneurs to expand within their first year. Apart from an investment taxi business needs enough marketing plan, managerial skill and compliance with local act to develop the business effectively.