Indhumathi D

08 Feb 2018

For innumerable business owners, taxi dispatch software has been the answer to quicker, efficient operations. During this era of app-based taxi booking, such advanced dispatching system has equipped businesses with the ability to execute ‘n’ number of rides smoothly. With such faultless operations, taxi dispatch software offers taxi operators a better chance at enhancing productivity, reducing costs and establishing improved customer satisfaction.

Arun Kumar

30 Nov 2017

Though the traditional taxi companies were in a conflict with the giant taxi service providers like Uber and Lyft for their revolutionary approach to taxi industry, they have smartly converted the situation to their benefit. The traditional method of taxi hiring has been ineffectual in terms of the availability of taxis, convenience and ease of payment. The taxi operators have thus adopted the e-hailing method using mobile-based applications.

Arun Kumar

22 Nov 2017

With the emergence of the online taxi booking business, the traditional taxi businesses are having a tough time surviving the storm. The likes of Uber, Lyft and Ola are an exemplary example of how taxi dispatch software makes a difference in managing a taxi business in the modern world.

Arun Kumar

16 Nov 2017

The chances of success of your business are increased by successfully managing the day-to-day operations. Effective management of your employees, information and technologies can help you accomplish your company’s objectives and increase the value of your business. There should be continual improvement in the operations while also maintaining stability without any service disruptions. In case of operational failures, there should immediate diagnosis and resolution of the issues occurred.

Arun Kumar

09 Nov 2017

If you have ever had a bad customer experience, you will definitely understand why customers sharing positive comments and talking about your services to others are really necessary to heighten your brand image. A single incident of dissatisfaction for the customer can retard your sales and success as strongly as it can promote sales when done right. Negative comments transmitted among the customers can affect the business performance, quality and trustworthiness.

Arun Kumar

13 Sep 2017

With the advent of taxi hailing apps, the taxi and transportation industry has gotten a major uplift. Users can now book their cab, view driver information and check the total ride fare, all with a single touch of the button. With such ease and convenience at their disposal, customers have quite comfortably caught up to this trend, paving the way for major players in the market like Uber, Lyft, Hailo and Ola.

Arun Kumar

17 Aug 2017

Unpleasant taxi rides have vanished with the arrival of taxi-hailing application. Unlike traditional taxis, app based taxi companies have hit the market with a disruptive technology to deliver an upmarket taxi service. The e-hailing concept has been hailed in many countries where it has even been legalized for more effectiveness.

Arun Kumar

16 Dec 2015

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Taxi service is becoming an essential transportation mode in many popular cities. Most of the corporate people using taxi cabs for their daily transportation need. There are few crucial problems currently persisting with working people like time delay and security. With the increasing concern about passenger security, the company must be registered as well regulated by local government.

Arun Kumar

06 Mar 2015

What is radio taxi?

Radio taxi is a taxi that operates through radio signals. When a customer calls up the helpline number of the radio taxi, the operator communicates with chauffeur (driver) via radio signals to locate the nearest taxi. The taxi reaches the customer as required at the specific place and time.

Arun Kumar

22 Dec 2014

Introduction of mobile taxi booking software is not only useful for the customers but also provides lots of advantages to the taxi drivers. The software automates every process involved in booking a taxi and providing the service. Hence drivers have less work in managing the trip schedules.