Taxius - Book Taxi with Few Taps on Smartphone is a taxi booking app which enables users to hire a taxi with a few taps on their smartphone. The passenger can select the pick-up and drop locations and track the arrival time of taxi with GPS facility. Automatic fare calculator is available and the passengers can pay flexible via credit card or cash as well as provide feedback about the ride.

Client is a taxi servicing organization that aims to serve customers by providing them the convenience of booking taxi using their smartphone and enjoy taxi service at their doorstep.

Challenge was looking out for a taxi booking application which is simpler and easier to use. Besides, the work of taxi booking should also be more accurate. They needed a system where the customers can choose their desired options like a/c, non a/c etc. They wanted to automate the fare calculation with flexible payment option.


The taximobility was provided as a solution to to implement reliable taxi booking application. The allowed booking of taxi via smartphone from anywhere at anytime. They have to select the pick-up spot address, by selecting the place on the map to fill the address automatically. The passenger should also provide the destination place and other details like number of passengers etc.

The app scans for free drivers who are nearby using the GPS facility. The drivers can set their status as 'free','recess', or 'service'. Only the drivers who have the status as 'free' will be visible to the passengers on the map when they search for a taxi. The drivers can accept or reject the request within 60 seconds. Otherwise, the next free driver will be assigned. The passenger can also cancel the trip at anytime.

Once when the driver accepts a trip, the fare is calculated based on the pickup and drop location selected by the passenger on the map. The arrival of the taxi is made visible on the map using GPS facility. The driver can also send push notifications when he reaches the passenger's place.

The fare is calculated automatically based on pick-up and drop location. The waiting charges are also included with the fare. The passenger can pay flexibly via cash or credit card. Once when the trip is completed then the driver can set his status to 'service' or 'recess' if he is taking a break. The passengers can provide feedback about the trip or driver, which may be useful for the organization to identify the potential driver.

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