Anfa Limo


Anfalimo has grown to be one of the most widely used taxi service providers that offer rides in various continents across the globe. The company ensures that passengers enjoy a safe, secure and comfortable ride. The Anfalimo’s fully customised smartphone application was developed exclusively for hiring limousines. The application is available on both android and iOS platforms and offers a hassle-free booking experience. It is specifically designed to offer a safe and convenient ride for the passengers.



Anfalimo placed a request to develop a mobile application for taxi booking with highly competitive and advanced features. Their main goal was to rule out the hassles caused by phone calls and text messages for booking. They wanted an app that would make it easy for drivers and passengers to book, manage and track rides. They wanted to implement technology at its best in order to make it a reliable and convenient app for its users.


Anfalimo smartphone application was designed with the features that would meet international standards in taxi booking. Each driver is provided with their own login credentials and has easy access to respond to passengers through the app. Scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelling of taxis can be easily done using the mobile app. The app is designed to be compatible with any android and iOS smartphone, and also enables passengers to easily track the booking status and arrival time of the vehicle.

The Anfalimo mobile app supports multiple languages and lets the users view the ride history easily. Be it for a safe or on time ride to head home, or reach the airport, or a meeting at office, the app ensures all with the right features to track the right taxi at the right time. Passengers are allowed to make payments either via cash or credit card. Passengers can also view the progress of the ride live with the app.


Anfalimo could synchronise all of its taxi drivers and vehicles with our highly affordable and cost-effective solution. It simplified the entire workflow for the client and made finding a cab much easy and convenient for its customers.


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