Lync A Ride

Lync A Ride

LYNC Transportation is an established solution provider in non-emergency transportation programs headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Theirs is one of the world’s fastest free taxi app that allows to easily, with a tap of a button, book a taxi and track it in real time. The Lync A Ride app, compatible on a range of platforms including Android & iOS, aims to provide a fast and reliable cab service to riders with special needs. Lync mobile platform allows customers to easily locate the nearest available cabs or wheelchair-accessible vehicles on the Google Map. With an agile signup process, the customers can book taxis and track the vehicle in real time using inbuilt navigation system.



They are dedicated to eliminating the idea of transportation as a barrier for the elderly and the individuals with disabilities.


Hiring cabs manually has several drawbacks and is characterised by inconsistency in vehicle availability and payment complexity. The client approached us with the intent of diagnosing the situation and solving these problems. They wanted a mobile based application to mitigate the hassles of both customers and drivers by providing a convenient and interactive alternative for booking taxis. They wished to regulate and systematically coordinate all taxi drivers under this service. The client also wanted the complications and payment related issues to be handled, making the app payment friendly for customers to make payments directly via the app.


We built the app with a clear picture of whatever our client presumed, bridging the gap between the customers and taxi drivers. All of the features that are included in the final product are designed to manage multiple requests at the same time and day and improve the efficiency of cab services to users.

  • Upgraded the existing system with comprehensive mobile applications for both drivers and passengers that simplifies the entire workflow.
  • Created a reliable web-based cab booking facility with a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Served to integrate a payment platform in the passenger app for cashless payment facility using credit card or payment gateways.
  • Incorporated a built-in mobile credit and debit card reader option in the driver application.
  • Affixed an exclusive ride sharing facility for the riders to share the ride and split the fare among other users.


The mobile application devised with a user-friendly interface supported the client in the goal of eliminating the idea of transportation as a barrier for the elderly and the individuals with disabilities.


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