Customer Stories: Find out what taxi businesses say about TaxiMobility

Indhumathi D

At TaxiMobility, we consider our customers second to nothing. Our team stays in touch with them through every channel, from voice calls to social networking platforms. We love hearing from them and here is what they got to say about TaxiMobility.


We work to eliminate the complications in taxi operations and make the process a cakewalk for our customers. Our product updates target at simplifying the taxi operations and give everyone – from dispatchers to passengers- a seamless experience. And that’s what one of our customers from the United States, Lync, had to say “TaxiMobility simplified our taxi dispatch system and makes a complicated process easy”.


At TaxiMobility, we believe that comprehending the client’s problems and business vision is the key to building a comprehensive digital solution. This is how we come up with perfectly-tailored taxi applications for each one of our clients based on their business requirements.

Wasantha kumarasiri, a Srilankan client writes, “TaxiMobility and its team understands the client’s problems and deliver the outcomes as we wanted. Understanding and also the flexibility to the client’s needs have been great and we are very much happy. And we have come to this milestone only due to the commitment and support and flexibility of TaxiMobility and their team”.

Customer support

We are always a call or click away from our customers. Our team provides end-to-end customer support not only during the app development process but also after it. Our UAE client Khurram Sheikh compliments “These guys are best in solving problems with great customer support. If anyone out there looking for taxi solution, I think you should go for TaxiMobility”.

Business growth

Our ultimate goal is to improve business opportunities for our clients and help them expand their ride-hailing businesses. We do market research from time to time to understand the altering market demands and add new features to the taxi application accordingly.

Navin Jayasinghe of DrinkDrive states, “Through the last two years, we have managed to expand at least by about 250% from where we were two years ago in the year 2016. We like to sincerely thank TaxiMobility on behalf of DrinkDrive for the amazing services and the product”.

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