Arun Kumar

31 Jan 2015

Starting up a taxi service requires huge investment, however taxicab business is a potentially profitable venture, business returns can add up many taxis. It is good business for entrepreneurs to expand within their first year. Apart from an investment taxi business needs enough marketing plan, managerial skill and compliance with local act to develop the business effectively.

Arun Kumar

30 Jan 2015

Ola cabs is a Mumbai based online taxi service gearing up to acquire the rival company. India’s giant one among taxi aggregator Ola cabs in talk to acquire Taxiforsure for around $200 – $250 million as per the report of Times of India.


27 Jan 2015

Taxi World Turkey is a first ever exhibition for the taxi industries that will propose air and sea taxis, taximeters, taxi safety measures, cab dispatch systems, and automatic sub industry products in Istanbul, Turkey. This event must become an imperative business meet where exhibitors are introduced about new technology and its potential are discussed.

Arun Kumar

24 Jan 2015

It’s been hardly a month since Uber driver’s sexual assault in New Delhi, people were forced to shut down uber taxi service in India. But after the contemptible incident Government recently has come up with new regulations for app based taxi operators. Uber now resuming taxi service in with Government’s new radio taxi cab scheme which would be difficult than what normally Uber operating now.

Arun Kumar

23 Jan 2015

It’s always distressingly hard to find, out nearby emergency heath resource, doctors and other medical aids. It may take some time to research and sometimes trial and error, however you would not involve at risk when it comes to health issues.

Arun Kumar

22 Jan 2015

If you await to public transport for traveling one place to another, it is awful to anyone reaching their destination on time. All over the world most of the people using taxi rides in the city to move around. In many cities, taxis are favorite mode of transportation, which provides better relief to reach destination perfectly.

Arun Kumar

21 Jan 2015

Nowadays, roadside assistance companies are emerging fast by using different technology to provide better service to their customers. Computer aided technology has afforded dispatch services which allows tow companies to receive orders through mobile app rather phone calls. Some towing companies still using legacy radios and software to dispatch towing trucks.

Arun Kumar

20 Jan 2015

In major developed cities, you would find lot of taxi drivers working at different destinations to help people to reach home, airport or office. The taxi ride is one among great transportation alternative for people to enjoy a hassle free ride. A taxi ride is a stress free ride for many people and also they would not bother about traffic and navigation.

Arun Kumar

19 Jan 2015

If you are running a courier company, then your organization must be finely tuned to run your delivery operations smoothly. Nowadays, many courier industries are aiming to use courier software for better earnings, productivity, and customer satisfaction as well compete with others.

Arun Kumar

14 Jan 2015

If you are a car owner, you would experience a breakdown or flat tire at once in your life. If you find yourself stuck with roadside then you should think to get out of this problem without roadside assistance or you really need it.